This girl ruined her boyfriend's prom proposal. Watch this awkwardly embarrassing and funny video...

Updated April 30, 2015 ● 1,096 views

Daniel Pena wanted to give his girlfriend Alex a promposal to remember. But unfortunately, it didn’t go quite as planned.

His girlfriend was totally clueless that the proposal signs she's reading when they were driving was her boyfriend's prom proposal.

She told her boyfriend that the proposal was a shitty way to ask someone to the prom!

Boom! Pow! Ouch!

After realizing that it was actually her boyfriend who's asking her to the prom. She cried profusely. #LOL



That guy was butthurt!

The girl was just being honest. That was a shitty way to ask a girl to a prom.

Learn from this video guys. Girls don't like nice, dramatic guys.

If you're gonna ask a girl on a date... Just ask her straight!!!

pete808 · 5 years ago
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