#Cute #seal #surfing with the surfer dudes. See this shockingly cute video!!!

Updated August 4, 2014 ● 1,054 views

Have you ever been afraid of surfing? You're afraid of the thoughts of a great white shark stalking you. Well this cute video will change you!

There's not only great white shark lurking wanting to eat you, but there's also cute seals to chill out with you. The dogs of the sea are so cute that you want to adopt them and bring them to your bathtub! Well, goodluck with that.

Check out the cute video of the seal surfing with the surfing dudes Bill and Ted. Not really.

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1.) My turn, help me up!
My turn, help me up!

2.) Ohhh... GoPro... haiii there!
Ohhh... GoPro... haiii there!

3.) Ok your turn... that was a rush!
Ok your turn... that was a rush!

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