How Eminem Was Discovered by Dr. Dre

July 12, 2017 ● 392 views

Eminem is probably one of the most successful rap artist of all time. In this rare video, watch how Dr. Dre discovered Eminem. From his beginning in rap battles to freestyling inside Dr. Dre's home studio.


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50 Cent on Eminem

Hip-hop is black music and some people can't accept that a white artist is better than black artists.

Chronicles: 50 Cent - Respect For Eminem50 talks respect for his mentor Eminem. Get More Music Choice: Like Music Choice: Like...
JayZ · 6 years ago
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Why Eminem succeeded?

  1. He's a rap genius.
  2. He's white when all famous rappers were black.
  3. He's not afraid to be controversial and that's how you get all the media coverage.
Robber · 6 years ago
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