#Poll: Are you planning to get Google Glass? Why and why not?

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Google Glass


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Maybe. Is it already on sale?

Maybe.... it might be useful when I do my fetish hobby... haha just kidding

Cryon · 6 years ago
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No. They need to hire designers from Apple.

Wearable tech is fashion. They cannot just create an eyepiece and expect people to wear it. And when you look at Google Glass, it just looks weird.

I think they need to get an Apple designer to get the design right. Maybe hire someone like Jony Ive. He's one of the reason why Apple was revived from an imminent collapse.

Regul8tor · 6 years ago
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Probably Not. I don't want to look like a Saiyan.

Remember Jabra? I think they were popular with bluetooth headsets when bluetooth headsets where just becoming mainstream. I did bought one when it first came out. It's just the tech junkie in me. But I only used it once. I just felt weird aswering calls and I'm like talking to myself.

Now with Google Glass... it just too geeky and nerdy for me. Look at it. Unless you are a hardcore Dragon Ball Z fan... then maybe you would want to look like a Saiyan while walking down the street or riding the subway.

I don't want people to stare at me because I look like a Saiyan.

So no. I won't buy Google Glass.

Google Glass super saiyans....

Google Glass super saiyans....

David · 6 years ago
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