So How Does Exactly The Lexus Hoverboard Works?

Updated August 28, 2015 ● 1,163 views

You've seen the hoverboard that Lexus showed to the world a few months ago. It's 2015. The same exact year where the movie Back To The Future predicted kids would be riding skateboards with no wheels.

Unfortunately, the Lexus Hoverboard has one major limitation. It will only float on a designed platform. It will not work on any surface but only on tracks that will make it levitate.

Watch this video and understand the science behind the Lexus Hoverboard.



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It's pretty cool...

But I don't see how you can do the tricks that you can do with skateboards with wheels.

Dagger · 7 years ago
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@Dagger: The floating board is the trick itself.. 👀🍁👍

JJfad · 7 years ago
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I want to buy one of this hovering boards..... How much??

JayZ · 7 years ago
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It's probably decades more before a real mass produced hoverboards will exist.

Timmy · 7 years ago
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So Lexus is going to be on the skateboard market now?

Pretty cool tech though...

pete808 · 7 years ago
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