#HPQ is on the verge of a new 52 week high breakout, get ready to go long!

Updated December 9, 2013 ● 1,173 views
HPQ Chart

Hewlett Packard (HPQ) currently broke the 52 week high of $27.78 at after market hour trading. It's currently priced at $27.95.

I would go long right away tomorrow morning if it opens at a new high.

Now, $32 is sitting just right below the 161.8% Fiboniacci level. Opening to new high tomorrow could target that price in few weeks. 

For options players, I would grab some JAN 32 calls if indeed HPQ breakout tomorrow to a new 52-week high. Or get the high delta strike if that's how you play.


UPDATE 12/4: Breakout! New 52-week high closed at $28.13 !

UPDATE 12/5: After breakout, it filled down the gap and my call value is dropping fast. I got stopped out for a loss of 35%.



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Already at new 52 week high at AH!!

David · 8 years ago
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@David: Great tip! I'll be watching this tomorrow!

JoeBiggs · 8 years ago
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I bought some JAN calls. Let's see where this goes.

money101 · 8 years ago
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This is a good looking chart. I like this one. And thanks for the tip on AAPL last week! I made some money on calls. Thanks to you! :)

stocksguru · 8 years ago
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