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Model S Dashboard

There's no denying that Tesla Motors has brought technology innovation to cars. Who doesn't want to drive a fast, good looking, sporty green car? The Tesla Model S has become one of the popular car competing with the BMW and Mercedez Benz market.

The Model S is Motor Trend's 2013 Car Of The Year:

"By any measure, the Tesla Model S is a truly remarkable automobile."

It's Automobile Magazine's 2013 Automobile Of The Year:

"It's the performance that won us over. The crazy speed builds silently and then pulls back the edges of your face. It had all of us endangering our licenses."

But the recent fire incidents that's been flooding the media about the Model S begs the question if it is really time to buy the Model S?

Browsing through forum, you will read some people questioning the Tesla Model S reliability. One user who questioned is user Zas who had a major problem with his Model S at 10,000km: (Read the forum thread.)

"So I was driving to the office today, and came out of a red light, drover for about 5 seconds, and then felt a sudden thud, and looked at my console and saw the " P R N D " in red and a warning saying - Car Shutting Down - Pull over safely"

Zas called the Tesla tech who remotely check the car and came to conclusion that his Model S needs to be arranged for towing service.

Up till now, this car was perfect, so it reminds me to the fact that we are all still beta testers for this revolutionary car, and so far so good.. but lets just hope it stays that way, and this was one off issue... as i still love this car.

So are Model S owners still beta testers? If that so, would you still consider buying a Model S now or wait?


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Consumers would be better served to light their cash on fire than invest in EVs. Take away government support and media hype and you're left with a very expensive toy that can't go uphill with 3 passengers and a full trunk.

JasonIsBorn · 7 years ago
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@JasonIsBorn: you are being completely ridiculous. Tesla is an amazing car. And an American car manufactured in the USA! It's going to take over the business in 10-20 years and it will be a big player. You better believe it. Your days of oil are gone.

Robert2 · 7 years ago
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@Robert2: It just will not happen, too expensive for the common car buyers. I currently would have to dive nearly a 1000 miles for the closest charging station. This car will only be popular on each cost lines with high income earners. Yes it will have it's nitch, but will never have a big market share.

Rubicon · 7 years ago
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If I'm earning a lot of money I will definitely get a Model S. This type of issue occurs with regular cars too.

Kristin · 7 years ago
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Why would you get a Model S?... It gets caught on fire! I think EV is all a fad. I'll stick with the train on my commute. :)

RyanZ · 7 years ago
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This depends. How many Model S are there on the road right now? Is this issue pretty much common?

FireHouse · 7 years ago
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