#StockIdeas: #TSLA is getting really interesting today

Updated December 12, 2013 ● 1,380 views
TSLA hourly chart

If you look at the the hourly chart of TSLA, all major moving averages are crossing in the hourly chart.


TSLA Price Action Scenario:

  1. Bullish: Breaking above $145 and shooting up to target above $160. How? if it starts breaking above 200ema (hourly) and bounce from 200ema in (30min).
  2. Bearish: Filling the gap down to $130. This will likely happen if it trades below $138.


How To trade TSLA?

Your safest bet here if you're bullish is entry when it breaks above $145. (around $146 area).

Remember, trade at your own risk. Always do your own research before trading.



UPDATE 12/12:

  1. Bought JAN150c @142 - I bought early when I noticed an aggressive morning bullish price action
  2. Bought extra JAN155c @146 - after it broke $145 resistance. Could target $160 soon.


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Past Trading Performance:




$145 resistance clearly broken. $155 is ideal next target on the daily.

David · 7 years ago
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@David: Hi, is 90day 1hr data always good to get fibs right? learning a lot from reading your posts and charts.. thx

azbaliga · 7 years ago
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@azbaliga: Thanks... Yes. I always look at the hourly chart first to plot the Fib levels. In most cases, it should be inline in what you will see on the daily too.

David · 7 years ago
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