Retrieve Data Prior SQL Database Corruption With SQL Recovery Tool

May 18, 2015 ‚óŹ 413 views

SQL Server works as a database server to provide solutions by working upon the data requested by other software application residing on local machine as well as stored over other network. The several editions of SQL server aim to target a vast and a wide range of users, ranging from single-machine applications to large-scale applications.

SQL Server Database Files

SQL server database basically consists of three database files-MDF, NDF and LDF files.

  • MDF: Master Database Files are the main or primary data files denoted by .mdf extension. There is only one MDF file for every SQL database. These files store tables, procedures and point to other files.
  • NDF: These are the secondary database files denoted by .ndf extension. These files are created by the users and store data that the MDF files fail to store.
  • LDF: These are the Log files of SQL database. These log files help the user to restore the SQL server back to its original state if the database gets corrupted.

Corruption In SQL Server Database

Corruption of SQL server database poses problems not only to data but also puts business flow and revenue at a great danger. The root or the main cause for the corruption of SQL server database is the deformities in the Input/Output level.  In other words, mainly the corruption problems are generated by issues in drivers, controllers and also hard drives. Also bugs and viruses in the machine also play a major role in the database corruption.

What Can Be Done?

One of the most easiest and reliable source to fight against SQL database corruption is SQL Recovery Tool. The software scans and repairs both primary and secondary database files of SQL server. It facilitates the storage of recovered data in SQL Server database and in SQL server compatible scripts.


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