NY Post Jared Fogle Headline 'Enjoy A Footlong In Jail' Cause Madia Backlash

Updated August 21, 2015 ‚óŹ 1,883 views
NYPost Enjoy A Footlong In Jail Headline

We all know Jared Fogle. Yes Jared the Subway guy. And now famously known as, Jared the child molester or Jared the pedophile.

If you haven't been reading the news lately, Jared is charged with having sex with minors as young as six years old.

Obviously, a lot of people are shocked and angry by this, including the media.

One in particular is NY Post. So angry that they even let a prison rape joke be in the frontpage headline. It reads "ENJOY A FOOTLONG IN JAIL". Yes... all caps!

But obviously, a lot of people in the media find this inappropriate. Prison rape is a problem. That is the reality that Jared will be facing in jail. You might feel sorry for Jared, but some people might think he deserve this for what he did to all his child victims. All 14 of them.


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