How To Find #Local Snapchat Users?

Updated November 19, 2018 ● 109,363 views
Find Local Snapchat Users

It's now easy to find Local Snapchat users to follow. Using Dizkover's Snapchat Map, you can now find all Snapchat users near your location. Dizkover now has over a million members with thousands of Snapchat users near you. 

With millions of photos and videos being shared daily on Snapchat, it has become a legitimate treat to Facebook dominance with teens. We got over a million Snapchat users who are looking to find new local friends.

How Does Snapchat Map Works?

Snapchat Map works by using your browser location to show you all the Snapchat users near you. All you need to do is give this website permission to access your location so it can show you all the Snapchat users close to you.

Is It Safe To Give My Location To Snapchat Map?

It's perfectly safe. We obviously need to know your location in order to show you users near you. When you allow this site to access your location, we store this information in your browser's cookie. If you are on Snapchat... it's already using your Location information just like how Dizkover will use your location.

How Can I Access Snapchat Map?

To access Snapchat Map, just go to the link below:

► Find Local Snapchat Users Using Snapchat Map

► Find Nearby Snapchat Usernames


Note: You have to be registered with Dizkover in order to use this service. It also uses your device location to get you the list of users near you. The users listed on this list are Dizkover members who elected to post their Snapchat usernames.



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