This guy is called the Van Gogh of #Snapchat

Updated March 30, 2014 ● 4,697 views
van gogh of snapchat 3

Being called the Van Gogh of Snapchat is the greatest achievement in the era of... well... Snapchat.

Vincent Willem van Gogh was a post-Impressionist painter and is considered one of the greatest painter. There's no one else in the world of Snapchat anyone has been referred to as Van Gogh of Snapchat.

Well enough with the blubbering, the guys snapchat is michaelplatco and here are some example of his artistic snaps.





Oh my god... really. What's happening in our world? lol

Conman · 8 years ago
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@Conman: oh yeah... so get into snapchat if you're not into it yet... haha

Snapchat · 8 years ago
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