#LongDistanceRelationship #Yes or #Not????

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I chatted and cammed with a lady for nearly 5 yrs before flying half way round the world to meet her only to find out she was more interested in my money than me .... then when I got home and told her goodbye she called me all the names under the sun.... and married some other sap 10 months later .....

LukeAtchu · 4 years ago
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I've been there. It's hard.

DonJuan · 5 years ago
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Long distance relationship requires a lot of effort for both parties. I remember when I was in this situation, my ex cheated on me with someone who lives in the same country as he is. He lives in Australia. I actually even offered to move to Australia to be with him just so we don't breakup. I'm glad that didn't happen. I was too young then.

So there it is for me. Based on true experience.

Why are you asking? You've met someone online? ;)

sweet1 · 5 years ago
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@sweet1: I'm sorry for what happened to you , surely you've had this experience which has been of help for you to understand it. I ask because maybe the mentality of the women of my country is not how I would.

larivelazione · 5 years ago
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Because I want to touch her...

JJfad · 5 years ago
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