Trump's Grandfather, Frederick Trump, Pleaded Not to Be Deported

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Frederick Trump

A letter by President Trump's grandfather, Frederick Trump, was just unearthed by a historian in Germany that shows the hypocrisy of Trump's administration towards immigrants.

In a letter dating back in 1905 to Bavarian Prince Luitpold, the elder Trump begged to stay in Germany as he unsuccessfully fought his expulsion from the country. The expulsion was ordered when the elder Trump failed to perform mandatory military service.

The handwritten letter was found in a German archive by a historian and published by Bild newspaper. Friedrich Trump begged Bavarian Prince Luitpold, whom he called a 'well-loved, noble, wise and just' leader not to deport him.

Prince Luitpold however rejected the elder Trump's request and was sent back to the United States. The move, two generations later, earned President Trump natural-born citizenship - without which he would never have been able to run for president.

1.) Frederick Trump Letter 1
Frederick Trump Letter 1

2.) Frederick Trump Letter 2
Frederick Trump Letter 2



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The letter titled 'The Emigrants', by Friedrich Trump English Translation []

Here is the last part of the letter where President Trump's grandfather begged not to be deported:

Why should we be deported? This is very, very hard for a family. What will our fellow citizens think if honest subjects are faced with such a decree — not to mention the great material losses it would incur. I would like to become a Bavarian citizen again. 

In this urgent situation I have no other recourse than to turn to our adored, noble, wise, and just sovereign lord, our exalted ruler His Royal Highness, highest of all, who has already dried so many tears, who has ruled so beneficially and justly and wisely and softly and is warmly and deeply loved, with the most humble request that the highest of all will himself in mercy deign to allow the applicant to stay in the most gracious Kingdom of Bavaria.

Your most humble and obedient,

Friedrich Trump

The letter titled 'The Emigrants', by Friedrich Trump English Translation Cryon · 4 years ago
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So it's Germany's fault why Trump is president

Germany dumped the Drumpf's to the US. And the US accepted them. President Trump must learn from hus family's history.

awesome8 · 4 years ago
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