Howard Stern: Trump run for President solely to get larger contract from NBC for 'The Apprentice'

February 4, 2017 ● 169 views

Howard Stern on his radio show talk about Donald Trump. Stern said he considers Trump a friend, but is opposed to his politics.

Stern said he also believed Trump ran for president solely to get a larger contract from NBC for "The Apprentice."

"I think it started out as like a kinda cool, fun thing to do in order to get a couple more bucks out of NBC for The Apprentice, I actually do believe that. He just wanted a couple more bucks out of NBC, and that is why Donald is calling for voter fraud investigations. He's pissed he won. He still wants Hillary Clinton to win. He's so f—ing pissed, he's hoping that he can find some voter fraud and hand it over to Hillary."



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