What did Donald Trump said to Melania Trump during his inauguration that made her looked crushed?

Updated January 28, 2017 ● 482 views

Here's is an interesting video of Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump during his innauguration.

In the video, you will see Melenia Trump smiling as Donald Trump turns to her and said something. As Donald Trump finished and turned his back, you can see Melania's smile disappears very quickly. You can see the sad look on her face that she was seemed crushed. Did Trump said something insulting to Melania?

It's no secret that Trump likes her women young. Maybe Trump is getting tired of Melania as she already passed her prime.

So what do you guys think Trump said to Melania? Did he said something about her dress? Did he said something about her look? Or did he said something about her smile?


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Donald Trump is rude to women

This video just proves it. He obviously said something really mean. This might be the readon why we didn't see a lot if Melania during his campaign. He probably doesn't want her out speaking for him.

awesome8 · 7 years ago
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We are all going to look like Melania for 4 years... SAD!

Cryon · 7 years ago
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It must be sad to be Melania...

It seems like she's not happy. Feel bad for her.

HenryD · 7 years ago
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