Rudy Giuliani might have influenced FBI Director James Comey to release Clinton investigation letter to Congress

Updated November 4, 2016 ● 352 views

Rudy Giuliani appeared on FOX News two days prior to James Comey releasing the letter to Congress with regards to reopening Hillary Clinton's email saga.

Don Lemon with guest Michael Moore on CNN, showed a FOX News interview with Giuliani. On the clip, Giuliani was bragging about "a pretty big surprise" that's about to hit the Clinton campaign.

Giuliani somehow knew that the FBI Director is about to release a letter to the Congress that they will reopen the Clinton investigation.

Lemon also pointed out that Giuliani was the former boss of James Comey. So this connection explains a theory that James Comey was influenced by Giuliani to release the letter to Congress even without a conclusion on the investigation.

The release of the FBI letter affected the Clinton campaign and resulted to Trump catching up on the polls.


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