#TIP: When you use the ATM, wiggle the card reader, it might have been hacked to steal your credit card information

December 14, 2016 ● 793 views
ATM Credit Card Theft

Someone on Reddit posted this photo showing how your credit card information can be stolen by hackers.

As shown on this picture, the credit card reader on the ATM machine was hacked. It was replaced with a reader with a chip that steals your credit card information when you swipe your card.

So next time you user an ATM, wiggle it. Check if the card reader was not hacked.



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Now, this is out... I see other criminals trying to do this on every ATM machine...

DeenoM · 4 years ago
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Damn criminals are becoming clever...

I mean who wiggles an ATM machine card reader? That reader must have stolen a lot of credit card information!

Cryon · 4 years ago
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