People you should follow on Periscope

Updated April 5, 2015 ‚óŹ 2,264 views
People you should follow on Periscope
People To Follow On Periscope

Periscope is one the hottest live streaming video app from Twitter. But if you go to Periscope right now, there's no way to know the right people you should follow.

This is the reason why Dizkover exists. Here at Dizkover, we help you discover the most interesting things on the internet.

Dizkover just recently created the Periscope channel so you can easily discover interesting people who broadcast interesting live feed on Periscope.

We post interesting screenshot from Periscope and post it here on Periscope channel. Every post is tagged accordingly based on what kind broadcast the particular person usually.

  • #MostInfluential - Most Influential people accoding to Dizkover visitors.
  • #Travel - Live feed from people who shows around the place they travel.
  • #Celebrity - Talk to celebrities.
  • #LifeCam - People who just want to broadcast whatever they do almost 24/7 online.
  • #SocialMedia - Social media bloggers and websites.
  • #Investors - Participate to AMA's (Ask Me Anything) segments.

We will add more interesting hashtags in the future.

Also, do not hesitate to post your own Periscope and hashtag what kind of broadcast you do.


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