What do you think of Dwight Howard's decision to sign with the Houston Rockets? #NBA #Opinion

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Obviously a very good news for the Houston Rockets and bad for the Lakers. Dwight Howard will help the Houston Rockets to be the team to beat in the west. Along side Harden who is a good shooter and the combination of Parsons and Lin... Houston now have both inside and outside plays.

DeenoM · 10 years ago
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Obviously, this is very good for the Rockets. Thye have other good players like Harden and Lin. Now Lakers is doomed. They don't have a big man now.

RossOne · 10 years ago
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I think this makes more sense for Howard. He will be for sure the centerpiece of the Houston's offense. With Lakers, it will alwas be Bryant. Specially on Mike D'Antoni's system.

David · 10 years ago
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I think it's a travesty! Just one year with the Lakers then he quits?!!!

Ronn · 10 years ago
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