'It Comes At Night' first official trailer starring Joel Edgerton, Riley Keoug, and Christopher Abbott

February 9, 2017 ● 411 views

'It Comes At Night' is a new horror film from acclaimed filmmaker Trey Edward Shults.

Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough, and Christopher Abbott star in IT COMES AT NIGHT.

Due in theaters on August 25.


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This was incredibly tense, without revealing too much...

We know these people are trapped in a bad situation, and the dialogue hints at something "other" lurking beyond their understanding. The cinematography looks fantastic, and the character reactions put me on edge. Also loved the opening shot with the painting. Really sets the tone. I'm excited. This was the best kind of trailer.

Robber · 7 years ago
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This is how you do movie trailer

keeps the suspense 😱

awesome8 · 7 years ago
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