'Dunkirk' official trailer is here, starring Harry Styles, Cillian Murphy, and Tom Hardy

December 14, 2016 · 455 views

Dunkirk official trailer just released today. The movie is directed by Christoper Nolan and stars One Direction band member Harry Styles in his first major film. 

The story of Dunkirk movie tells the story of British forces embarking on a mission to evacuate Allied troops from Dunkirk, France, in 1940.

The movie also stars  Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, and more.




Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy in the same movie? My girlfriend is gonna want to see this!!!

DeenoM · 1 year ago
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@DeenoM: I know she will... coz I would. haha

Becky · 1 year ago
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