'The Angry Birds Movie' Official Trailer Review

Updated May 9, 2016 ● 484 views

So I just stumbled upon the trailer of 'The Angry Birds Movie'.

Oh hell yeah my 2 minutes and 45 seconds was not wasted for watching this awesome trailer. This movie looks real fun!

Based on the very popular iPhone app, Angry Birds, this movie is about guess what?... Angry birds!

These birds are angry with the pigs and they are ready to go to war!

I definitely recommend to everyone to watch 'The Angry Birds Movie' trailer. It's pure awesomeness!

I give it a B+ score.




Really... so you review movie trailers?

haha...  I agree with your review. The Angry Birds Movite trailer looks pure awesomeness.

Chiqui · 8 years ago
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