BOOM!!! Tetris for Jeff!

April 17, 2017 · 637 views

From the 2016 Classic Tetris World Championship, Final match. Jonas Neubauer vs Jeff Moore.


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BOOM!!! Tetris for Jonas!!

I can't believe I'm watching these two guys play Tetris... haha

BartZ · 1 year ago
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@BartZ: They are actually pretty exciting to watch. Tetris is my game. If I knew this was happening.. I would have gone and smoke the Tetris competition. 

Regul8tor · 1 year ago
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BOOM! Goes the dynamite!!!

Boom Goes the Dynamite - short clipBrian Collins coining the term, "Boom Goes the Dynamite." Classic!
rossdboss123 · 1 year ago
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I like the team up of the two Tetris announcers....

One likes to BOOM... the other guy is just mild mannered.

FlorixPopa · 1 year ago
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