#Dating: How long do I wait before it becomes official?

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I’m dating this guy for 5 weeks now. During the first week, he said he was open to finding something serious. But my problem is that I get attached too quickly. I’ve had previous relationships where things we’re official within a month. Maybe I’m just afraid of getting strung along. I want to figure out the difference between taking things slow and a stale relationship. Thanks in advance.


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Just talk to him and tell him how you feel

Ask him how he feels and go from there. If you feel like you're being strung along, pull back so you don't get too attached and try and go on some dates with some other guys.

HenryD · 4 years ago
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Take it easy... don't worry about anything.

A lot of people feel a lot of anxiety in the early in limbo stages and then rush into a commitment too soon. Your anxiety is not a valid reason to do this. Instead it can be a calling for you to examine what you are so afraid of. Yes you could be strung along but you could also end up ruining things by rushing it. Use the uncertainty to spend time and energy on yourself and developing your own life.

Robber · 4 years ago
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You guys need to talk...

Its been far long enough and both of you should be official by now. Call him over, sit him down, and ask him the status of the relationship. After 2-3 weeks is when a relationship should be official. If you want something, then grab it, don't mess around.

Kaye1 · 4 years ago
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