#Palessi: The #Payless Experiment

December 1, 2018 ● 283 views

Payless run a social expriment duping fashionistas and fashion bloggers into paying hundreds of dollars on a $35 dollar Payless shoes.

The unsuspecting fashion lovers thought they are buying high-end shoes from a Italian brand called "Palessi" where in fact they are just buying a pair of shoes from Payless.

In the end, Payless refunded the buyers and they got to keep the shoes.


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So these fashionistas can't even tell if the product is high quality?

Becky · 5 years ago
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Surprise! Surprise!

People actually don't care about the actual product but care more about the brand! This is why some buy LV bags that costs thousands when they can get a similar bag that cost $100.

Robber · 5 years ago
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