Behind the Scenes - Jimmy Kimmel and Oscars Stars Surprise Moviegoers

March 7, 2018 ● 459 views

If you watch the Oscars last Sunday, one of the highlight of the show is when Jimmy Kimmel and some of the few Hollywood stars went to a movie theater to surprise the moviegoers. This is the behind the scenes as they left the Dolby Theatre and head to the cinema where unsuspecting moviegoers are watching Oprah's movie, Wrinkle In Time.


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Lucky people...

Imagine Margot Robbie in front of you where you can just go ahead and kiss her.

rockybalboa · 6 years ago
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Luke Skywalker just met Wonder Woman!

Mark Hamill introducing himself to Gal Gadot is like Luke Sywalker just introduced himself to Wonder Woman. That means we're gonna have a Star Wars and DC Universe movie!!!

JJfad · 6 years ago
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