#Oscars2017: What the hell happened at the Oscars last night?

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#Oscars2017: What the hell happened at the Oscars last night?
Warren Beatty Holds The Right Envelope

Last night must be the most embarassing blunder in award shows history. A different movie was read for the top award of 'Best Picture'. The casts of the movie was already on the stage happily thanking everyone and then they were told there has been a mistake.

It started when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway was handed the wrong envelope. The accountants at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) explained they handed the envelope of the winner for Best Actress which says 'Emma Stone' La La Land.

Warren Beaty explained, he wasn't being funny when he took long to announce the winner because it says Emma Stone at the top of the envelope and then La La Land. He handed the envelope to Faye which then she read La La Land.

Accorind to PwC, there are two briefcase that holds the list of the winners. So this explains, when Emma Stone says, she has the copy. And there still another copy on another briefcase. And this was mistakenly handed to the announcers.

While the ecstatic cast of 'La La Land' was on the stage thanking people, they learned the mistake and was told the real winner was 'Moonlight' for the shocking twist of the night.

Congratulations Moonlight!

1.) Warren Beatty Explains What Happened
Warren Beatty Explains What Happened




Well... all I got to say is shit happens!

At least they got an Oscars buzz. I heard the ratings has been declining.

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