'Westworld' Season 2: storyline and release date

December 5, 2016 · 234 views
'Westworld' Season 2: storyline and release date

Westworld has been a hit for HBO. It is seemed to be destined to be the next Game of Thrones for HBO. Now, that the first season has ended. Fans are curious on what would Westworld Season 2 brings.

According to EW, Westworld Season 2 will run for 10 episodes. We just don't know yet the exact premiere date. Casey Bloys, HBO programming president, told EW that Westworld Season 2 might not be ready until 2018. According to Bloys, Season 2 is going to be just as fun and mysterious as Season 1, but it will be completely original.

Evan Rachel Wood, who plays Dolores, told IndieWire that Season 2 is going to be “warp speed” compared to Season 1. The first season, she said, was really just setting up the background for the second.

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