Justin Bieber gives a house tour and an awkward interview to BBC Radio 1

Updated September 12, 2016 ● 981 views

Justin Bieber just gave an access to his house to BBC Radio 1 and the interview could not get more akward.

Justin doesn't look welcoming and looked just tired from his Purpose tour which is set to begin its UK leg.

Who could blame Justin? Maybe he doesn't want to do the interview in his house but he got scheduled shows in the UK. So it's just wise to give BBC Radio 1 access to help him promote his shows.


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Y'all are crazy

I actually see nothing wrong with it. I thought that was the best interview EVER! It's not like the interview was for a major broadcasting company like NBC or something in that nature. She got to not just interview him, but was given the chance to be one of Justin's homies for the day:shooting baskets, talking about getting the slide because his sister wanted it, telling the story of him and his sister playing around by the creek, and was sharing with everyone where he meditates and works on his music. That's the stuff that you should want to know... the real Justin. He doesn't want to come home and have work come home with him. Would you? ...But he did even though it was between events, so he made it casual and fun. 

JRFB · 4 years ago
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This is so awkward... what is wrong with Justin. It feels like he doesn't want this interview.

Kaye1 · 4 years ago
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She needs a haircut...

The hair is probably bothering Justin Bieber. It's too big and it's too old. Is afro still a thing??

Elisha · 4 years ago
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