I guess it's pretty obvious to everyone now that Kylie Jenner's twin peaks are her biggest asset!

Updated September 10, 2015 ● 1,145 views

Since Kim Kardashian got married to Kanye and had a kid, everyone are waiting on who will take the torch and represent the Kardashian clan.

It's obvious that it would be Kylie Jenner. She called herself as King Kylie on Instagram. Basically proclaiming herself as The One!

Well, I guess noone is going to object. She looks terrific! Look at this photo she just posted on Instagram. Those twin peaks is as gorgeous as Mt. Everest!


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Life is unfair. So we got the Kardashian clan making millions just for being a celebrity. Like what really made Kylie a celebrity? They owe a lot of their fame from Ryan Seacrest. This is all Ryan's fault!

olive · 7 years ago
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Wow. Aside from being looking hot on Instagram. What can she really do?

Regul8tor · 7 years ago
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No wonder...

So Tyga is like what? 27 years old?

No wonder why he waited for Kylie to turn 18. He didn't care if he goes to jail. There's so much to milk from Kylie! haha.

Dagger · 7 years ago
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