How to Find Dubai Trade Shows and Exhibitions in Your Industry

April 27, 2014 ‚óŹ 1,551 views
Afnan Exhibition Stand Dubai - Beautyworld Middle East, 2013

Have you ever thought why everyone emphasizes planning the exhibition professionally? It is because you would always want to make the best out of your all efforts. Dubai exhibitions are about lots of work, efforts, money, fatigue, intellectual property and sleepless nights. What would happen if you exhibit at a wrong place? Everything would collapse of course. Knowing where you should exhibit is as important as your planning.

The First Step!

The first and the most important step of your exhibition planning (even the thought) are to discover the reason of exhibiting. Make a list of all the answers that relate to the purpose of exhibition. Make a list of your objectives as well. Now after knowing your objectives and purposes, you can find the venue which can help in achieving these goals.

Finding the Venue and Exhibition

The regular exhibitors keep themselves updated about upcoming exhibitions and trade shows. You always have to pay in terms of time. But there are other solutions as well.

  • Don’t be surprised if you are suggested to search exhibitions on trade show directories. These directories provide you information about the event type and venues. You can find many directories online or reach Dubai Chamber of Commerce or DWTC (Dubai World Trade Centre) for information.
  • Search on the search engines. This might sound a little unprofessional but honestly, how did you or your kids complete the high school assignments? How many times have you denied using search engines for information gathering?
  • Industry related magazines, newsletters and other publications include all the upcoming events and trade shows. You will need to spend some money on these publications but a lot of time could be saved through this process.
  • Use your contacts and industry friends to gain information on the subject. Don’t trust one source of information only. Contacts will also guide you about how good an event was organized. This can help you in deciding whether or not take part in other events organized by the similar team.
  • Visit your competitors’ profiles often. If they are taking part in some event, they will definitely promote it. The choice of competitors will also help you in finding all the prospects and leads at one place.
  • Check the associated websites of the industry and see the lists of upcoming events.
  • Chamber of Commerce, local event organizers, venue administrations and convention centers etc are also good choices to seek information.

The most important part of all this research is to collect as much data as you can. After collecting the data, find out the best possible options. Evaluate the services, options and results according to your needs and select the venue. Don’t forget to visit the venue before finalizing it.

Target Audiences and Customers

Keep in contact with your customers. Business customer relations can help you in finding out the events and trade shows to which your customers are going. If more than 10 customers are already going to a show, then the event or exhibition is reliable for you.

After finalizing the list, contact the administrations and organizers of the event, it’s DWTC in Dubai for most of the exhibitions. Sometimes, the venue administration can provide this service to you. Ask them about the expected type of attendees in the show. You can also ask about the exhibitors, competitors and guests coming to the show.

Now, when you are not worried to decide the venue and market your event for customers, you can easily focus on your stand designing etc.

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