#Junkrat "Beachrat" #Overwatch Cosplay by CherryAmaru

November 3, 2018 ● 41 views
#Junkrat "Beachrat" #Overwatch Cosplay by CherryAmaru

Junkrat "Beachrat" is one of the heroes in Overwatch. A demolitionist and an international criminal who is being targeted by law-keepers, bounty hunters and other criminals world-wide for the treasure in his possession.

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Junkrat BEACHRAT Skin Gameplay

Overwatch Junkrat BEACHRAT Skin GameplayGameplay of junkrats new BEACHRAT Skin from the Winter Wonderland Event on Overwatch.
Regul8tor · 1 week ago
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Beachrat Junkrat Game Video

Overwatch: Beachrat Junkrat Legendary Skin In-Game [Winter Wonderland 2017]Because it's summer in Australia.First person in-game gameplay in training room of the Beachrat Junkrat legendary skin now available in winter loot boxes during the Winter Wonderland 2017 seasonal event.Just running through all the skills, throw in some hellos, and emotes. In case you want to see what the skin looks like in the game before you spend your hard earned 3000 credits on it.Recorded on PC ultra settings at 1440p, 60fps. Downscaled to 1080p.Ice Fisherman Roadhog: https://youtu.be/ph38RJM4RR0Rime Sombra: https://youtu.be/G80X9NgZ4xUSnow Owl Ana: https://youtu.be/FpZ0XGa7yKEBeachrat Junkrat: https://youtu.be/E8fVKTb6kBUAvalanche Bastion: https://youtu.be/6S4GdDulrAMCasual Hanzo: https://youtu.be/nWbEP8L7Jp0Alpine 76 Soldier 76: https://youtu.be/nTcCX8oUvyQ
LordOfTheRings · 1 week ago
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