Best Places for Italian Mediterranean Villas

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Italy, one of the most preferred places for vacations is also home to thousands of historical villas. Most of these are situated near ancient fishing towns or adjacent to old vineyards, meanwhile a few dominating medieval piazzas, in close proximity to modern museums with ornate gardens.

Travelers who prefer to stay in ancient villas along the Mediterranean coast may opt for many astounding accommodations spread all across Italy in unimaginable numbers. Five regions however are more open to tourists when overnight or extended stay is in plans. Over here, you’ll find authentic villas as they were since emergence so let’s take a look.


The archaic towns and breathtaking view of countryside is bursting with villas for sale in Tuscany, Italy along with lease options. Most are still privately owned by families whereas others have been restructured into motels or bed-and-breakfast. You can also lease from available choices for extended term, depending on your visit. Town of San Gimignano is famous for housing most of medieval villas among the existing 14 towers out of 72, constructed by early elite settlers.


Region of Lazio, which typically centers on Rome, accommodates most tourist traffic from round the world. Due to its Mediterranean shore, travelers can enjoy many historical and picturesque sites plus lodges. Similar to other Italian territories, these cabins are available to voyagers for overnight and extended stays. All those who longed for a pure scenic experience, villa Lante in Bagnaia, a remarkable castle with amazing gardens is a place must visit.


Tourists here are more eager to visit Naples but the entire county promises many attractions along its Mediterranean shoreline. Posatano and Ravello villages offers intriguing Italian sightseeing while you can charter nearby villas for an entire week or simply overnight. Lest you’re travelling in summer, do visit villa Rufolo in Ravello, a must-see place hosting Wagnerian concerts all round the season. Else, go for villa Cimbrone, providing you with enthralling views of far-stretched seashore.



Right within the toe of Italian boot-shaped isthmus lays Calabria, surrounded by oceans from three sides. The five provinces of this place man hundreds of old villas, available for you on lease. Reggio is one of the most famous territories situated at the stretched coastline where explorers can enjoy true Italian summer holiday. Visitors can also rent villas in Calabria countryside and city center.


Though smaller in geographical area, Sicily comprises hundreds of villas out of which a few are only for tourism. Tourists charter many villas within the domain, experiencing accommodations with undeniable historical aura. Lodges are spread all across the island so you can easily find one that best suits your need. Some of these are centered in Palermo, opened to vacationers all year long. Witness the mesmerizing essence of Italian history and charm by visiting Castello Della Zisa and La Cuba.

Owning a Property

Many travelers wish to own a villa or certain piece of property after initial visit because of the location, amenities and general surrounding. Lest having Italian citizenship, you’ll have no trouble however, foreigners are often faced with sophisticated paperwork and tiring processes which involuntarily held them back from such pursuit. A way to counter this setback is contacting professional real estate such as Mulino di Sopra who’ll be more than happy to help you out!


So the next time you look for best villas across the Italian coast, do visit aforementioned places. Ciao!


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