Is Realtor A Savior?

Updated July 2, 2014 ● 688 views

I’m a photographer and love to hang around different places that are typically hidden or yet unrevealed to a common man. I entire love the way I am and is comfortable with the way my life is moving but there is one corner under shade and I’m totally helpless with this. That corner is my home! I regret on never paying attention over building up my own corner, that’s probably because I never stay, work or stick at one place.

Before I move to my grievances, I must tell you about it! For over a year, I found a studio apartment close to my work in Dubai. I was more than happy having a corner so close to my house, fairly cheaper at rent, nicely designed to offer privacy and in short, everything was perfect. Even if I had to travel across different cities, I knew I’ll have a cozy corner once I’m back home.

Everything sounds perfect than What’s the problem?

The problem began when I got a notice from my property owner that he’s planning to sell this small corner, or he might remodel this old structure into a new hut for travellers. I was choked with the fact that I can’t stop him from going any further, as we made no legal contract or lease for a specific time. On the other hand, I didn’t have enough to buy this old granny corner. Al I could is to begin my hunt for another place that’s what I hated all my life. Moving out is expensive, time taking and stressful. I can’t name it, but relocating is a trauma! The place where I live in the middle of a historical place in Fujaira was a lucky stone. The area is surrounded by an array of villas and I know Dubai villas for rent are much expensive for a single person.

Things to know:

The story sounds less horrifying as it actually is in practical. But there are ways to avoid it. Firstly, if I had made this deal through a realtor, he would have made me sign a contract between us. But I had no written contract foreseeing my tenancy rights, unfortunately, I don’t have much resources to fight over. Secondly, he would have advised me to go for my own place on installments or on lease. Though knowing that buying property in Dubai is not a cakewalk, but it isn’t anything impossible. There are alternatives to take on.


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