What is the best strategy to beat the #2048 puzzle game?

April 14, 2014 ● 941 views

I just started playing the 2048 game. What is the best strategy to beat the 2048 puzzle game?

Has anyone here won the game already?



Here's the game strategy to beat 2048...

I haven't beat the game yet. I've been playing for just a day but I think I'm close to beating it.

This is the strategy that I employ:

  • To beat the game, start off by building the numbers from side to side. 
  • Connect similar numbers right away to keep the number of tiles small.
  • As you play along, keep the highest number total at the corner. If you end up with a high number total somewhere in the middle of the tiles, this will be on the way of other numbers you would want to connect.

I'll continue to play. I'll take some screenshot when I beat the 2048 game.

tech · 6 years ago
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