Two Snow Leopard Cubs Born at Brookfield Zoo

Updated August 31, 2015 ● 779 views

Snow Leopards are cute and they are rare. There's only approximately 5,000-6,000 known population.

This is why it's exciting to know that two female snow leopard were born on Brookefield Zoo.

The two female snow leopard cubs born was born on June 16. Currently, the cubs, each of whom weighs about 10 pound are bonding with their 4-year-old mother, Sarani, in a behind-the-scenes den. Until they make their public debut in mid-October, you will be able to view images and video of the cubs at


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Cutest thing ever...

These two snow leopard cubs are the cutest thing ever. I wish that their population grows.

Kris · 8 years ago
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OMG. Snow Leopards must be the cutest cat species.

I want to get one of these...

kaylee · 8 years ago
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