Relive the Goan History through Churches

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Relive the Goan History through Churches

Goa, a place redolent of the basking in the sun, white sands, pristine beaches, nightlife, and rich heritage. This culturally rich state is dotted with Chapels, Churches, Basilicas, and Cathedrals, which are mostly constructed during the colonial Portuguese period. These magnificent structures carry a certain sense of the old-world charm and make for must-visit tourist spots. Listed below are the most popular Churches in Goa that would certainly take you back in time.

  • Se Cathedral

Dedicated to St. Catherine, this is one of the largest churches in Asia and took almost 80 years to complete. It was built to honor the Portuguese victory over the local Muslim army. Legend has it that the Golden Bell in the church, which is the largest one in Goa, could be heard all over the state. Consisting of 15 small alters, this architectural wonder has paintings on either sides of it. The Corinthian style pillars touch the soaring ceiling, and the beautiful courtyard gives the visitors a warm welcome.


  • Bom Jesus Basilica

Completed in 1605, this Basilica is of significant architectural, historical, and religious importance to all Goans and Christians as the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, a member of the Society of Jesus and a patron Saint of Goa, have been preserved here. It is enclosed in a silver casket and is put on display every 10 years. This Church is now a World Heritage Structure and proves to be a boon for Goa Tourism.


  • Church of St. Francis of Assissi

Built once and rebuilt twice, this Church is situated behind the Se Cathedral, in the same plot. A wooden statue of St. Francis of Assissi is placed right next to the stunning alter, and illustrated versions of the Holy Bible can be seen on the wall.  The seminary joint to this Corinthian architectural wonder has been converted into an archaeological museum that holds many paintings placed previously at the Panaji Secretariat.


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