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Known to be the world’s second-smallest continent, the amount of culture that one can find in Europe is enormous.  Besides being a very popular destination for pursuing studies, this continent is well-known for its ancient monuments, rich and historic culture, architecture, art and heritage. A trip to Europe can leave you with memories that will remain etched in your lives forever. Whether it is London, Paris, Switzerland, the Vatican City, Rome, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Germany or Portugal there are many places to explore in this continent.

Planning a trip to Europe is extremely easy with the number of travel companies offering a wide variety of Europe holiday packages for people to avail for. These trips can differ, depending on the purpose of the trip, i.e. whether it is an adventure-based trip, family-oriented leisure vacation, a sight-seeing trip or an educational tour. There are many escorted tour packages that are also available. These trips are all available, to suit the varying budgets of people.

It could be from London to Madrid, Prague to Moscow or even a vacation on a cruise liner. There are many beautiful sights to explore such as the Eiffel Tower, London’s Buckingham Palace, Roman Forum or the Charles Bridge in Prague. Many of the Europe holiday packages offer a unique combination of culture, history and entertainment. From fabulous architecture, diverse food to romantic getaways; Europe is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a trip with friends.

The pre-planned trips have their own itineraries which are to be followed. Some of them offer a visit to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Westminster Pace, Westminster Abbey and many other places. These trips are all available at fabulous prices and also offer the expertise of tour managers to guide you throughout your trip.

It is easy to find various offers online when making one’s bookings. One of the special features of these packaged trips is that there are exclusive plans that are made to cater to Indians who speak a specific regional language of the country such as Marathi or Gujarati.    

There are also many group tours which can be opted for, in case there is a large group of individuals. These trips have been designed for like-minded Indians and serve Indian meals and have Indian tour managers. These trips have a mix of activities and sightseeing. Usually the hotels are first class hotels that range from 3 to 4 star categories. Of course, the main benefit of opting for these trips is the immense value for money that they offer. However, if you are looking for a customised trip, you can opt for tours which reflect your individual schedules, budgets and tastes.

There are many other types of trips such as faith-based holidays (religious tours) where one can explore the Athens, the shrines of Europe in Portugal and Spain, a faith based trip to Berlin and Munich, or even a religious trip to Rome and Venice.

So, make sure your trip to Europe is as memorable, well-organised and fun as possible! 


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