Should I Swipe a Credit or Debit Card?

July 25, 2014 ● 150 views

The ever booming private banking sector has paved path to many different services in the sector. Plastic money is one such evolution, which has changed the way money is handled these days.

There are banks that readily provide you with a debit or credit card. However, there is time when you fall in a dilemma of which card should be brought to use. Therefore, we bring you a list of actions for you to simplify your problem further.

When Credit Card is the option

  • Shopping Online

Making payments for online shopping with the help of a credit card is the best idea. As the creditors or the banks that provide you with the credit card are anyways looking for any fraudulent charges. Also, if you come across one you can anytime track it and halt the payment.

  • When making large or electronic purchases

Many credit cards come with add-on benefits or extra warranty for electronic gadgets or big payments made through the use of credit cards. Sometimes, the warranty also exceeds that provided by the manufacturer. However, it depends on bank to bank for such services.

  • When travelling or on a vacation

When you are travelling the credit card’s anti-fraud protection can help you in many ways. Also, you can anytime save yourself of entering a shady ATM designed to hack your card details.

When Debit Card is the option

  • When the opposite party needs an immediate cash payment

Swiping a debit card is next to paying in cash. So, if speed or quick cash payment is an issue, it is advisable to swipe a debit card.

  • When your account is on automated mode

If you have a certain amount fixed to spend for a particular month a debit card always helps you with this practise; as the automated mode stops paying out for over exceeded expenses.

  • When you are on a budget or tackling with poor finance management habits

Finally, credit cards aren’t for everybody. Debit cards are best tools to put oneself to a practise to manage your bad finance habits. As it allows you to spend only what you have. 


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