Dizkover Snapchat is a 'clean only' channel that helps you find new Snapchat friends

Updated April 8, 2015 ● 2,837 views
Snapchat Friends

If some of you are still uncomfortable posting your snaps and your Snapchat username on Snapchat channel. Don't be.

We assure you, we don't let creepy people to tribe on this channel. We ban users who posts creepy and too sexually suggestive pictures. And if a post is showing to much skin, we mark it 'mature' so it don't show up in your feed unless you set it on your settings.

But we also ask you to be smart who you accept as friends on Snapchat. Look at their profile first here at Dizkover and see what kind of snaps they send. If you add them on Snapchat and they turned out to be creepy, just block them on Snapchat.

If you want to be famous on Snapchat, just post a lot of your snaps here. We are happy to announce that Dizkover Snapchat channel user traffic has doubled these recent weeks. The Snapchat channel is now being visited by 25,000 Snapchat users per day!

Happy Snapchatting!


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