Hackers Reportedly Set to Leak 200,000 Stolen Snapchat Images

Updated October 15, 2014 ● 650 views

The truth is, Snapchat image does not disappear. It stays on Snapchat servers for a period of time. It's like email. The system knows if the recepient have seen the snap. It just don't show it again to you.

via yahoo.com


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The hack actually was a breach on SnapSave... a 3rd party client

I think what Snapchat need to do here is to block the 3rd party clients from accessing their servers.

FlorixPopa · 5 years ago
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@FlorixPopa: I agree with you. I think Snapchat is letting this 3rd party client get access because it helps them to get more users. Snapchat should be ashamed!

Cryon · 5 years ago
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Never send nudes on snapchat


amy21 · 5 years ago
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bet no one would complain about finding snaps of u naked Amy ! ;)

stopherdk · 5 years ago
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