#TIPS: How do you get followers on Snapchat?

April 12, 2016 · 389 views
#TIPS: How do you get followers on Snapchat?
How do you get followers on Snapchat?

So how do I exactly get followers on Snapchat?

Snapchat is not like Facebook. It's not like Instagram. It's not like Twitter. Snapchat is a messaging tool between friends. So you need to know your friends username in order to add them to your Snapchat contacts. This is why we created Dizkover Snapchat. To help you discover other people on Snapchat.

What is exactly Dizkover Snapchat?

Dizkover is a social media platform that helps people "discover" interesting people on social media. Dizkover Snapchat in particular is a channel that helps you discover interesting people to follow on Snapchat. So if you want to gain followers on Snapchat, be sure that you post your best selfies, add an introduction, and tag your post. Please do not post your snapcodes as it will just be deleted. There is no point if people doesn't even know how you look like.

Over 50,000 Snapchat users go to Dizkover everyday so post your selfies more often. 


There are creepy people on Snapchat that will send you offensive photos. So we highly recommend that you do not follow back random people who added you on Snapchat. Just add people you see here at Dizkover. Here at Dizkover, you will see the Snapchat user's face along with their Snapchat username.