4 Undeniable Benefits of Using Mobile Banking

Updated April 23, 2014 ‚óŹ 1,122 views
4 Undeniable Benefits of Using Mobile Banking

From a few thousands to several millions, the numbers of people holding accounts with banks have increased significantly. Nowadays, you can find any earning person, whether he resides in a city or suburb, having accounts of more than one bank. Moreover, the world of banking has broken the ancient walls of tight procedures and has become more customer-friendly. With the rise of different industries and professions, it has evolved to become more flexible and accessible.

In an effort to improve this accessibility factor of banking, internet based bank transactions were launched. Still, you had to use a computer terminal connected with internet to use them. To overcome this hurdle, banks like YES BANK launched cellphone banking. With this facility, you can do several bank transactions right away from your smartphone.

Before you develop doubts about this latest innovation, take a look at these four undeniable benefits, which will compel you to use mobile banking facility.

1.  Mobility of Transactions

With this facility, you can do many bank transactions on the go. From requesting a cheque book to opening a fixed deposit account, every activity, which initially required certain amount of paperwork, can be done readily with a few button clicks on your cell phone. Further, you can even verify all the activity related to your bank. For instance, you can quickly check the balance or opt for a mini statement readily from your own mobile phone. Your cellphone will now turn into a personal banker with this facility.

2.  Avoid long queues

Earlier many bank related activities required you to visit its office. If you had multiple accounts with different banks, then you were forced to visit each office individually. Similar to you, other people would also visit banks and long queues were formed. Substantial amount of time gets wasted in long queues. With cellphone banking, you can eliminate the hassles of standing in queues as majority of the bank dealings can now be done on the mobile phone.

3.  Secure transactions

With time, technology has advanced too and it has brought several new features in the world of mobile banking. All these features have been secured by tight protocols, which quickly detect suspicious transactions and generate alerts about them. It may be an unauthorized transfer or an unauthentic cheque encashment; each of this spurious transaction is quickly detected by this system. Further, for money transfers, it also provides secure IMPS service.

4.  24x7 access

It may be a Sunday or any holiday; mobile banking works seamlessly on your cellphone on 24x7 bases. You can pay bills or initiate money transfers using it during any time of the day. Further, you can even stop any transaction or cheque requests easily by swiping your phone’s screen. Some banks also provide a personalized banking app to their customers. Using this app, you can even pay for shopped items and services on the run.

Mobile banking is getting readily accepted by people around the world and the availability of dedicated app is simplifying it further. So, why not make banking easy for yourself using it?


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