Experience the Exotic Lifestyle of Dubai!

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Experience the Exotic Lifestyle of Dubai!
Palm Jumeirah

Living in Dubai can be a Rewarding Experience on many Counts:

The Gulf region particularly the UAE states are an exciting place to visit, both from a touristic as well as career oriented point of views, and Dubai is no exception. Dubai’s economy owes much of its current stability to the country’s unrelenting oil reserves, which are estimated to last a few more decades. This has enabled Dubai to rank among the fastest growing cities in the world, and as such; thousands of foreign expatriates and multinational companies have decided to establish themselves here. Dubai has established itself quite thoroughly on tourism too, so it has prepared itself for the time oil runs out.

The Appeal of Apartment Buildings in Dubai Lifestyle:

As already mentioned Dubai is a fast growing metropolis and houses a rapidly growing population. Just in Dubai alone, it is estimated that more than 50% of the population comprises of foreign expatriates who are predominantly from Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. This calls for a cheap and affordable means of accommodation, because a large portion of the city’s population is temporary residents who are middle class workers. This is where apartments come in handy, it is not difficult to imagine why they have sprung up in such bewildering numbers over the last decade, the reason for this is that apartments can house a large number of families on the same amount of land as would be sufficient for a large bungalow. The trick with apartments is that they expand upwards (on multiple stories) instead of sideways.

Downtown Dubai Apartments:

If you are a working class individual staying in Dubai for the period of your employment, then Downtown Dubai Apartments are definitely the thing for you. You can visit now and browse all the various apartment projects that are nearing completion in the downtown area of Dubai, some of these include the apartments at Burj View, Boulevard Walk, Boulevard Central, Burj Al Nujoom, Stand Point Tower, and Boulevard Central Towers. These are small 2-3 bedroom apartments that are usually sparsely furnished and cost around 100,000-350,000 Dirham.

Villa Palm Jumeirah:

If you’ve done well in your life, and want to enjoy a relaxing vacation in Dubai then you might want to purchase a luxury condo or Villa, preferably near the beach so you are always in the vicinity of the sea. Villa Palm Jumeirah is an ambitious project being built near the Jumeirah Beach, and it consists of some very beautiful and elegant villas in the city. They do come pre-furnished if you like and can cost your upwards of a million dirham, but it all depends on your taste; if you decide to pool in a bit more of your resources, then the real estate agency will install any luxury item you like and customize your villa to reflect your taste. These villas are excellent choices for enjoying your time away from work and spending quality time partying with family and friends. You can even take these villas on rent too, so don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy one.

About Author: Mohammad Al Hashim is a creative writer and loves to write on new developments in the real estate & finance market especially in the UAE. Follow him on Google+


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