Change in Real Estate trends in Saudi Arabia owing to latest requirements

Updated December 9, 2013 ‚óŹ 369 views

Saudi Arabia has established itself as a premium choice for people wishing to establish themselves during the last 4 decades, this is largely due to the fact that many multinational companies have set up offices there, industry is booming, and there are endless business and tourism opportunities. All these factors for a powerful economy are driven by the fact that Saudi Arabia is rich in oil, and as long as it has a continuous supply of oil to boost its trade and give it power over other countries; there will be growth.

How Real Estate companies in Riyadh are solving the lack of infrastructural resources:

But with all this potential for growth and the increasing number of foreign expatriates as well as locals who populate its cities in search of livelihood, there is a high chance that infrastructural resources of yesterday will not cater for it. None of this is more apparent than it is in Riyadh, attracts a capital city it a lot of people wishing to live there, and with the lack of land for new housing schemes, building apartment buildings seems to be the most logical and efficient solution. Just think about it, an apartment enables real estate developers and builders to create a building that houses dozens of families on multiple floors while at the same time occupying no less than the ground space required for a premium residential plot. Expanding upwards is the way to go, and real estate companies in Riyadh are following suit.

 How to get the best deal on apartments for sale in Jeddah:

Jeddah is a popular city of Saudi Arabia too, and the upside is that offers remarkably cheap and affordable apartments purchase and leasing schemes as compared to other cities. You might want to look around all the different locales and estate agencies in the city before you select the apartment for yourself. Due to the incredibly limited availability of apartments for sale in Jeddah and the general affordability of it all, there is some excellent competition among buyers, so we would recommend you make a decision quickly after you’ve narrowed down your initial list before somebody else agrees to outbid you by a few hundred SAR and take the apartment.  Some of the more popular localities where you can find affordable apartments include, Al Wahah and Al Manar. You can easily find adequate 2-3 room apartments here for around 250,000 SAR, it depends on your luck too; people have managed to get a hold of excellent bargains too, sometimes even a decent enough 4 room apartment for around 180,000 SAR can be found, but this is rare. As far as premium apartments go, you can pretty much choose to spend however much you like, you can get luxury apartments for around 1.5-3 million SAR depends on the level of furnishings and other accessories you’d want to get installed.


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