#Announcement: Kik and Skype channels are now closed and all usernames are moved to Match

October 25, 2015 ● 495 views

Due to safety concern, specially for all teens who are posting their usernames, we decided to close Kik and Skype channel and moved all usernames to Dizkover Match. Snapchat remains open for people who use Snapchat as a medium for entertainment.

Dizkover Match is safer than putting your usernames on public channel for everyone to see. With Match, you only choose the people you want to give your usernames.

So if you're joining Match, be sure that your profile is good enough for people to be interested in you.

Anyone posting inapproriate pictures will be flagged which will limit your access to this site.

Be warned that, Dizkover will NOT be a site where you find creepy people who post inappropriate pictures. If you post nude here, you will get banned.


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