Gear Yourself for the Gearless With Mahindra Duro

Updated April 10, 2014 ‚óŹ 853 views

People are known to fuel adrenaline in their blood by riding bikes at high speed, and enjoying the thrill of the ride. However, in India, stringent road laws and limited technological proliferation has only provided vehicles with limited speed. Yet, many people enjoy the adventure of revving their motorbikes to maximum.

However, bikes built for speed seldom offer comfort to the rider while those built for comfort, hardly manage to rev up to high speeds. Further, all the speedy bikes come with gears, and geared systems can produce heavy engine vibrations and sudden jerks. Now, what if you are looking for two-wheeler, which offers the perfect blend of speed and comfort? One such bike, which hails from the family of Mahindra two-wheelers, is the Duro. This is the sensational innovation that combines the comfort of gearless ride with the power of geared one.

Mahindra has ventured into the two-wheeler segment of late, and is heavily relying on the feedbacks of customers in designing the new bikes. Duro is one such product, which is built keeping the requirements and expectations of users in mind.  With evolving fuel injection technologies, engines are becoming superior in terms of mileage and performance. Following the same trend of using state-of-the-art injection systems, this gearless bike sports a 125cc, electronically controlled ignition engine. With four-stroke technology, this single piston engine delivers a power of 8.0Bhp, which easily pushes the bike to attain higher speeds quickly.

The engine has been finely tuned to rotate at 7500rpm at max and deliver a plain torque of 9Nm at 5500 rpm. As a result, the ride does not give jerks on the road, even when you rotate the accelerator knob to its max, suddenly. With all these powerful specs, you may not cross the 100 KMPH mark on the odometer. Still, you will surely feel the hot winds blowing right through your hair, whenever you rev the bike to the 80 KMPH mark.

Apart from all this power, the Duro consumes only a litre of petrol for every 56 kilometres. Now, this kind of fuel economy is hardly expected from any gearless bike, which can race up to the eighty-mark. With powerful engine comes higher responsibility and Mahindra upholds this fact by providing extra-large 130mm drum brakes. These brakes can bring the vehicle to a standstill instantly. Hence, you can easily navigate through traffic and twisted roads easily.

Majority of the times, gearless variants of bikes sport a classic look of a scooter. This look typically resembles the conservative shaping and colours of the nineties. However, Duro is known to sport the modern look of the millennium with sharp curves and smooth edges. Looking at the available colours, you have the liberty to choose from golden beige, pearl white, cappuccino brown, majestic maroon, fiery black and mystic grey. In addition to this, the body is adorned with trendy graphics and strategically placed air-vents. With charming looks, powerful engine, and comfortable seats, Mahindra Duro is one of the best gearless bikes in the market that promise speed with a class.


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