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Jude Demorest is the lead actor the newest FOX show Star. Jude plays Star Davis, a tough 18-year-old who spent her childhood in and out of foster homes after the death of her mother. She will do anything to become a star. Jude Demorest was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in a very religious family. In an interview, Jude siad “I grew up in church, seven days a week. The service was very music-driven, so the pastor created a performing-arts school down the street. There was drama, dance, and choir rehearsal—it was my training.”
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#WhoToFollow: FOX's TV Show Star Actress Jude Demorest Instagram @JudeDemorest
Jude Demorest is an American TV actor. Jude plays a role in the latest FOX's show Star. She plays the lead role...
Star Cast - Man
Man performed by the Star cast. Star is an American musical drama television series created by Lee...
Star Cast - I Bring Me
The newest hit show from Fox is taking cue from the success of Empire. Jude Demorest plays the lead role Star...
Jude Demorest Snapchat Username @judedemorest
Jude Demorest is an American actress, singer, songwriter and model. Jude is the lead...
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