What is Dizkover?

Dizkover helps you discover the best of social media.

We developed the best system to generate viral trends. It's called #Hashtag Voting. You vote the #hashtag of a post instead of voting the whole post. This system generates hashtag trends and links the most relevant post to a trend.

Get Your Posts Trending!
Just post your amazing content and add relevant hashtags. The post with most number of tag votes will be trending for that particular tag.
Dizkover Gets You Famous on Snapchat and other Social Media!
It’s tough to get noticed on social media. Dizkover will make you famous on Snapchat and other platform. Just post your awesome content and Dizkover will get you trending!
Why #Hashtag Voting Is Better Than Likes or Retweets?

#Hashtag Voting eliminates duplicated content generated by retweets. It also serves the purpose of Liking a post with a more clear reason. For example, a users post with hashtag “#AwesomeContent” has hundreds of upvotes. This guarantees awesomeness of that post.

Check out how #hashtag voting trend works on Snapchat channel.